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Legal Skill and Practice Mergers and Acquisitions Transacting Mergers and Acquisitions

Transacting Mergers and Acquisitions

This course is included in the EBC Learning ― CII, Upskill Diploma in Advanced Corporate Law Path.
This course is included in the EBC Learning — Bennett University, Mastery Certificate in Advanced Corporate Law Path.
8 weeks
3-6 hours per week
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Mergers and Acquisitions
About this Course

An M&A event is an evolutionary milestone in a company’s lifetime. It impacts its human resources, governance, customer relationships, intellectual property, control and management and at times the company’s own existence.

A complete M&A transaction is a product of planning, strategy and foresight of the several players involved. Every step in a deal process is essential and if well calibrated has the potential to lead to a win-win situation for the parties concerned.

The course begins by understanding the M&A process and one’s role as a lawyer in that process. Then the course moves on to the whole structure of M&A transactions and how to go about them? And what are the applicable laws? Mr Mathur also discusses in detail about drafting M&A agreements. The acquisition agreements are broken into their components and examined in the context of how they would function in a deal. By the end of this course, one will be well versed with the entire deal process from start to finish, i.e. from pre-deal stage to post-deal integration and disputes. As a part of the course, Mr Tarun Mathur has also included several supplements of draft agreements and clauses that will be useful.

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A merger is hard to pull off under any circumstances. It’s harder when everybody is against you.

Carly Fiorina

Why take this course?

This course will help you independently transact corporate merger and acquisition transactions in India. This course will give you an opportunity to learn the process of initiating and completing a full corporate transaction. The course provides much needed practical information so that one find this course of use when he or she actually sits down to transact.


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Tarun Mathur

Tarun Mathur is a Legal Counsel with Huntsman India; has 10+ years of law firm, regulatory and consulting experience, with expertise in corporate, commercial, and legal compliance, M&A transactions and merger filings. He has worked with SEBI (Corporate Restructuring and Corporate Issues and Listing), in Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas and in Trilegal. He is an alumnus of NYU and NLU, Jodhpur; teaches “Transacting M&A Deals” at MNLU Mumbai, and has published on “Merger Control in India” (EBC).

When you see a merger between two giants in a declining industry, it can look like the financial version of a couple having a baby to save a marriage.

Adam Davidson


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